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Reverse Engineering Kittens: The Anatomy of an Ad

Kittensoft Ireland launched a campaign in June 2020 featuring three kittens with the voices of children discussing, how soft their toilet paper is, where poo goes when you flush it, among other things.

The thing is the visuals use 3D/CGI kitten models which are more creepy than cute as a side effect of the model used and the quality of the animation. Less Puss in Boots and more 3D rendering of an robot cat. This distracts from the message of the spot as I couldn’t stop thinking about how creepy it was.

You can find the rest of the spots here:

Can you say “I want to go to the toilet in another language”?

What do you think happens when you flush the toilet?

Let’s talk about the message though, this piece comes from the r/Advertising Strategy class led by Maria Vorovich and Holland Martini of Goodques. The task is to try to figure out the thoughts behind the work.

Client Ask

Turn our children focus group results into compelling persuasion for our consumers. We like the idea of leveraging the cuteness of our white kitten mascot

Campaign Objective

To drive sales of Kittensoft Adorably Soft Tissue Paper, by making the brand more loveable and likeable through their mascot.


Young Homemaker Mothers or Fathers who also do the primary home supply shopping. Median-level income household as Kittensoft isn’t the cheapest brand to purchase.


People love kittens and people love little children being adorable. Creating affinity with parents and cat lovers by their own children or cats could make the audience inclined to purchase.


Kittensoft is the cutest brand of tissue paper in Ireland.

The campaign was delivered on TV, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. The reactions from the comments section of the online platforms show that the spot was effective in creating that affinity and lovable impression. Albeit being creepy.

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