Adetunji Paul


hi, i'm adetunji paul.

strategist, podcast host, marketer, digital artist, producer, illustrator/artist manager, creative director, graphic designer, playlist curator...

I make things.

I’m a multi-displinary creative  & strategist. Over the years I’ve worn many hats, so far I’ve kept most of them on. I run a little company callded studio BLVCK, a creative agency, media company, illustrator rep. 

It all started with a feeling of disillusionment. In 2011, on a whim I downloaded Photoshop. 

This is who I am. You can talk to me about these things. Including Life. Spirituality.

This is what I’m doing right now. Currently I’m a Digital Content Manager at Allied Irish Banks. I volunteer with Cyber for Schoolgirls as the Strategy Director. I lead community and events at DesignOpp. 

Trend watching is one of my hobbies. I think technology, afro-futurism, creativity and media mix and swirl in interesting ways. At the moment I’m interested in; online radio for alté music fans and millenials, Monetisation with NFTs.

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked on a few things I’m really proud of.

This is what else I have to say about stuff and here’s where you can find it. I have photos from my life in Kharkiv and Dublin on Unsplash.

So far I’ve curated 20+ playlists on Spotify. I really want to share them.


Apple, Netgear, Atomic, Estate Intel, Dolmen Design & Innovation, Allied Irish Banks, Leading Vibe


Mention  – Irish Times

Mention – Billboard

Mention – The Punch

Mention – Business Post

Mention – Advertising Journal

Interview – Agency Dealmasters


2022 Cannes Young Lion – Ireland (Young Marketer)