Adetunji Paul


freeshype makes digital art and music, inspired by his lived experience, his muses and the universes in his head. His work is released as prints, NFTs and his music can be heard on podcasts.




When I was 11, I had a friend who always seemed to be in his own little fantasy land. Always shooting imaginary enemies and making explosion noises with his mouth. One day I started copying him and began to create my own world and dream up the characters in it. I was never bored.

As I got older the story became more complex and the characters had grew in depth, I began to experiment with writing the story. It was a book. I had written about 15% of it when I stopped. Still I could never shake this fictional universe I created.

Today that story lives on in this art collection. Conceptually, it’s a book and each artwork is a page in the book. It’s story about women in their power, in themselves. It’s a world ruled by five families, all led by matriarchs. It’s a window into the “what if?” question of Africa and all the other minorities who have been oppressed and decimated.

This collection is my first, I hope my prints find a place in your possessions. I hope we all one day live in a world of Spirit & Magic.

For Blessing, Simbo, & Temi


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