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“Drink of the Summer” Production Company Shortlist

As part of r/Advertising School, I created an analysis of production shops around the world based on their percieved ability to execute on the brief below.


The Brief

*The Creative Ask:*Create an integrated master brand campaign to cement brand as THE DRINK OF SUMMER with fresh, famous, and non-traditional brand actions.

*Creative Idea:*Nothing can replace the connection made by seeing friends in person. That’s why XXBRAND is launching a custom mobile cocktail bar built for four friends who want to drink together while still maintaining social distance. In addition, we’re creating a content series for you to bring the party back home, to keep those virtual happy hours going when you need them.


  • A physical experience that people can go to in person

  • Reservation app or website for physical experience

  • Content series to help promote and share recipes, fun episodic content, across a variety of channels


[Name of production shop]: [one to two sentences about who the production company is.]

    • Examples of past work:

      • [XYZ campaign for ABC brand.][Explanation of how the work connects to the brief]

      • [XYZ campaign for ABC brand.][Explanation of how the work connects to the brief]


I’ve selected 6 production shops, I’m certain could handle all the requirements alone or in collaboration as a lead studio. In no particular order:

Tool of North America: Tool of NA is production company based in Santa Monica CA, USA. They are an outfit with the ability to produce activations, interactive websites, and video content. Their work is vibrant and bold, and have worked with brands such as Dolby, Lyft & Airbnb

  • Examples of past work:
    • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Carnegie Deli Pop-Up for Amazon Prime Video – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a Prime Orginal series that features a character famous for Pastrami sandwhiches. In this campaign Tool built a real restaurant modeled after the restaurant featured in the show. Given that the idea for this brief is to build a bar, Tool’s experience with dining and hospitality makes them capable enough to be authentic.
    • A World of Belonging Map for Airbnb – Tool built an interactive Map that uses real-time data to display Airbnb Check-ins and activity all around the world. The execution of the booking/reservation app could be improved to make the process engaging through out and can provide many interactive touchpoints which Tool could take advantage of.


Jam3: Jam3 is a global design/production agency with offices in Toronto, LA, Montevideo Uruguay and Amsterdam. They’re a fairly established agency with deep experience in content production and creative technology.

  • Examples of past work:
    • Adidas Shoe Drop at Complex Con for Adidas – Jam3 reimagined the typical process of waiting in a long queue for 3 hours to buy an exclusive shoe to a queless, stress-free process, that reduced waiting times to 2 minutes; using service design, AR, and UX. In this era of COVID-19, this work shows that Jam3 understands how ti use technology to manage crowds of people in a smart way. This would be critical for the popup-bar in the creative brief.
    • Nuclear Dissent for Jam3 – Using VR and creative storytelling, Jam3 built an interactive website that immersed users in the history of Nucler testing and the impact it has had on humans all around the world. They did this with a series of 5 interactive content pieces, that used technology to deliver great storytelling. In order to give so many at home a feeling of immersion, Jam3 could crate a content series for XXX.Brand that engages across channels.


Analog Folk – A global creative house with 8 offices around the world, with a focus on digital technology and marketing. They began in 2008 with 2 core members and now have 300 staff around the world.

  • Examples of past work:
    • Feel Good Fix for Costa – With Costa closed in UK due to Covid-19, Analog Folk created a daily content series to engage with Costa’s community of customers. Everyday at 11am. Feel-good news stories, recipes, and user-generated content from around the UK. It was also done with out paid spending. I think that Analog Folk understands how to improvise and generate the variety of content needed for the content series requirement of the brief. The consideration given to the campaign produced great results for the brand.


Red Media Africa – Red Media is an agency based in Lagos, Nigeria serving brands across 4 countries in Africa. They focus on experiential marketing and have a decent track record with African brands.

  • Examples of past work:
    • Avengers Endgame VIP Event for Access Bank – Red Media, directed a live event for Avengers Endgame fans, featuring a loyalty reward campaign and high-end service. The use of social promotion on this campaign in connection to a live event is quite similar to the promotion needed for the pop-up bar and really shows the company’s ability to pull it off.


Boys+Girls – A creative production agency based in Dublin, Ireland. They are known for their work with Skoda, Three and Fitbit

  • Examples of past work:
    • The Connected Restaurant for Three – Boys+Girls helped build a restaurant in New York and Dublin and used the power of Three’s internet services to power a live remote dining experience for immigrants who couldn’t make it home for Christmas. Having experience with hospitality and showing that interactivity can be used to create human connections out of an otherwise spaced or mechanic experience. Similar to that needed by the 4-at-time socially distanced bar as the brief describes. – With offices in UK and US, this company cut their teeth on digital campaigns, as well as live activation and creative technology.

  • Examples of past work:
    • Roaring Lions at Trafalgar Square for Night at the Museum –  the company used sound engineering to trick tourists in the Trafalgar Square that the Lions had suddenly come alive. While this piece of work is limited in scope, I think the takeaway is the simplicity of implementation for this project and it gained organic attention which in turn met brand objectives.


Thanks for reading.

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