Adetunji Paul


Yewubda, the wanton


Of Spirit & Magic




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In the book of Spirit & Magic, Yewubda is a commander in the worlds most effective fighting force, reporting to Sasa the mage. In the story she’s a fierce, eccentric and unpredictable character who commands a group of similarly “free of mind” people. She fights barefoot with her eyes closed.

Wanton was a word typically used to describe a woman who was sexually confident, they’d call her “lewd”, or “lustful”. In other cases it was used to describe excessive behaviour in luxury, greed, violemce or just any thing or anyone who is hard to control and without limit.

I imagine that Yewubda, owns her title as the wanton. rather than being a character prone to negative excession, she’s the most powerful hippie you ever saw and she is fearsome but admired, rather than condemned for the exact same behaviour. All because Yewubda is more holds more power than most men, in a world ruled by women.

Collectors will receive a signed print along with their edition of the NFT.