Adetunji Paul


Nyanpue, the mother


Of Spirit & Magic




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There are five families who control most of the world in the book of Spirit & Magic. Nyanpue is the head of one of them. She’s the mother of one of the highest ranked officers in the worlds most effective fighting force. Her family is from Liberia and they control most of the worlds good supply. In the book she’s captured in ritual worship dance to the entity/deity that all the Five Families believe in. The dance is a prayer for her daughter’s victory and safety in battle.

Nyanpue is a character I created a long time ago and of all the charachters in the book of Spirit & Magic, she’s most closely linked to the original story and the most powerful. If you’re reading this, I’d like to remember Nyanpue. A mother, in a world where she holds all the cards.


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